au KDDI Japan iPad Clean

Delivery Time: 1-24 Hours

Wrong order, Wrong Network,IMEI,Models,No Refund.
Can not Cancel or Change Order.

Service available 9AM to 9PM JST(GMT/UTC+9)

Supported models
iPad mini 4
iPad mini 5th Gen.
iPad Pro 9.7in
iPad Pro 10.5in
iPad Pro 11in 1st Gen.
iPad Pro 11in 2nd Gen.
iPad Pro 12.9in 1st Gen.
iPad Pro 12.9in 2nd Gen.
iPad Pro 12.9in 3rd Gen.
iPad Pro 12,9in 4th Gen.
iPad Air 3rd Gen.
iPad Air 4th Gen.
iPad 5th Gen.
iPad 6th Gen.
iPad 7th Gen.
iPad 8th Gen.

au KDDI locked only.
au KDDI official unlock conditions.
101 Days active and check this link.


〇 or △: Supported
× or – or Blank: Not supported(No Refund)

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